Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Frozen Daiquiris - Strawberry, Mango etc. ( includes Thermomix instructions)

Just the thing for a hot summer's day!

Maybe it even counts as one of  your five a day? There's certainly plenty of fruit in it (oh yes, and alcohol!). I was making these a couple of years ago, and had perfected the recipe to our tastes and memorized it - but not blogged it! D'Oh! So given that it has been a couple of years since I last made daiquiris, and my memory is blighted by age (and a summer of daiquiris, probably!) I had to guess at what I roughly remembered the ingredients to be, then add to them to get the balance right for our tastes again, and THIS time I have done the 'sensible' thing, and written it down, so I don't forget again next time.

Delicious strawberry daiquiris... or as I told my children, strawberry smoothies...

I think my favourite is mango, but we had one of those last night, and strawberries look so pretty, so obviously I had to make a batch of strawberry daquiris today to take a photo... remember to drink sensibly and all that, darlings!

***UPDATE - a new level of deliciousness has been discovered!!! You can make the most amazing tropical daiquiri with a blend of pineapple, mango and papaya - which you just so happen to be able to buy in the frozen section of Sainsburys... just saying!***

Contains 8 units of alcohol (UK 25ml measures of 40% spirits), and makes four servings of 140ml.

For the calorie / Syn counters, the values are as follows for one serving (a quarter of a quantity as per the recipe below):

1 serving of strawberry daiquiri - 169 calories / 8 Syns
1 serving of pineapple daiquiri - 176 calories / 8.25 Syns
1 serving of mango daiquiri - 189 calories / 8.75 Syns

[Calories / Syns in square brackets]
  • 150ml white rum [330 calories / 15 Syns]
  • 50ml cointreau or triple sec [158 calories / 8 Syns]
  • 2 tbsp lime juice (30ml) [7 / -]
  • 200g frozen cubed fruit - for a thicker, more 'slushy'- like cocktail, add an extra 50g of fruit [e.g. mango, strawberries, or pineapple etc.or a mixture) [Strawberries: 60 / 3; Mango: 140 / 6 Pineapple: 90 / 4, etc.]
  • 100g ice cubes (or more if you want to dilute your drinks further, to taste)
  • Sugar/icing sugar to taste (for me, 30g is sweet enough, you may not need any depending on the fruit) [30g is 120 calories / 6 Syns]
  • Food processor
1. If your food processor won't blitz normal sugar to powder, then just use icing sugar. If it will, then blitz the sugar to a powder to facilitate easy dissolving [Thermomix: put a sheet of kitchen towel under the MC to stop sugar dust escaping the bowl, then process up to a maximum of 250g of sugar, Speed 10 / 10 seconds]. Set aside for the evening's cocktail requirements!

The pineapple variety - also delicious made with vodka!
2. After removing the sugar, add all the other ingredients to your food processor, in order, with sugar to taste (you can add the sugar at the end, after tasting, if you prefer), and blend until smooth to your liking - fruit texture and ice cube size may affect how long this takes  [Thermomix: 20 seconds / Speed 8, scrape down, then for 30 seconds / Speed 10]. Taste (of course!) to check the sweetness / strength, and if you need to, add more ice cubes and/or sugar and blend again.

3. Enjoy (responsibly!). Cheers!!

When making strawberry daquiris, you may like to strain the cocktail at the end to get rid of the seeds, if you don't like the texture of them in your drink. 

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