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Black Sesame Spinach and Spiced Sesame Spinach Egg Rolls

It's a two-for-one! A different way to eat spinach with the delicious, nutty flavour of toasted sesame, and the option of using it as a filling for a spiced egg roll.

You can make the spinach as a side dish to complement Japanese main dishes, such as my teriyaki chicken or salmon, or kushiyaki beef skewers, or you can make it as a filling for delicious spiced egg rolls as below - almost like a seaweed-free, rice-free version of sushi rolls!

As a side dish, you can divide the spinach between two (or eat it all yourself!), or you can stuff one egg roll and have it as a snack just for you, or share if you're presenting more than one dish.

The black sesame spinach is 116 calories per serving (if serving two) and the sesame spinach egg roll is 345 calories in total for the whole roll. [Calories in square brackets]

Black Sesame Spinach
  • 300g fresh spinach (baby, if possible) [90]
  • 1 tbsp light soy sauce (or tamari for Gluten Free - check ingredients) [12]
  • 2 tbsp black sesame seeds [70]
  • 2 tsp caster sugar [40]
  • ½ tsp toasted sesame oil (feel free to drizzle on a little extra if you're not counting calories!) [20]

1. Toast the black sesame seeds in a dry pan, for a couple of minutes until just fragrant, but do not burn. Tip into a pestle and mortar (or a bowl, and use the end of a rolling pin!), and crush roughly. Add the other ingredients, except for the spinach, and combine.

2. Wash the spinach, then add to a pan on a medium heat, and stir until just wilted. Gently squeeze out any excess liquid, then toss in the crushed sesame seed dressing and serve (or reserve for spinach rolls, below).

Spiced Sesame Spinach Rolls

  • 1 quantity Black Sesame Spinach (above) [232]
  • 1 egg [72]1 tsp  oil [41]
  • Salt
  • Schichimi togarashi (Japanese 7 spice, optional; or a pinch of chilli flakes / powder)

1. Beat the egg with a pinch of salt, and a couple of shakes of schichimi togarashi (or chilli flakes etc.), if you want a kick to it.

2. Heat a heavy-based good quality, non-stick pan, then add the oil. Pour in the beaten egg, and swirl around to get an even, thin ‘pancake/omelette’.

3. Once it’s mostly cooked, carefully loosen, then turn over for a few seconds to cook through.

4. Remove from pan, and place on a sushi mat. Place the spinach mixture on the omelette, and roll up - it's easiest to do this if you have a rolling mat - place some clingfilm on top if you like, to stop it from getting greasy. You can do this as one, or in two stages if you like as follows:

First place half of the spinach near the bottom half of the omelette in a line.

Fold the bottom part of the omelette to cover the spinach, then place the rest of the spinach over the top of the flap, just above the first lot of spinach, then roll up the rest of the roll. If you're not planning to eat immediately, you can wrap the whole roll in clingfilm and chill before slicing.

5. Remove to a chopping board, carefully slice into 4-6 pieces, and serve, making sure the seams are down, or against each other so the rolls don’t come undone. Serve warm or cold.

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