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Thermomix Coleslaw - The Final Cut!

AKA every second counts!

So, my first choice for making coleslaw would be shredding the cabbage etc. by hand, because I like the contrasts in texture of the grated and sliced vegetables. But... I wanted to give it a go in the Thermomix, and get the texture and flavour as close as I could to my ideal. So, with a bit of experimentation, and determination, I got it to this, which everybody really liked!

Thermomix coleslaw recipe

There's not a lot to it, which in most peoples' books is a good thing! But I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, so I'm sharing it for the Thermomixers who haven't had a go at making coleslaw yet, or who fancy a change.

Serves four to six, 94 calories per portion for a quarter (very generous portion!), 62 calories for a sixth.

Double up the quantities if you like, it will keep in the fridge for two or three days. For a dairy free coleslaw, use all mayonnaise (use light if you want to keep the calories down), or if you want to avoid egg and reduce calories use all Greek yoghurt (this is my buttermilk replacement to reduce calories, you could use 0% Greek yoghurt if you really want to cut it down). Just adjust your calories accordingly [calories are in square brackets per ingredient, so you can easily switch ingredients and re-calculate to suit your choice of ingredients].

If you don't own a Thermomix, then you could use your food processor (or a box grater and a knife or mandolin), and just coarsely grate the onion and carrot, then shred/slice the cabbage with a mandolin or knife and just mix thoroughly with the all the other ingredients - really easy! Either way, it's quick and tasty salad-y fayre!

1/4 sweet white onion (35g) [13]
1 medium / 2 small carrots, peeled, topped and tailed (100g) [26]
1/4 small white cabbage, tough core cut out (130g) [42]
1 small, tart, crisp apple (e.g. Granny Smith, 65g after removing core) [35]
1 x 15ml tbsp lemon juice [4]
1 tsp dijon mustard (e.g. Maille, Grey Poupon) [8]
30g / 2 x 15ml tbsp mayonnaise (use light if you want to cut calories) [217]
30g / 2 x 15ml tbsp Greek yoghurt (use 0% fat if you want to cut calories) [29]
Use 4 tbsp each of mayonnaise OR Greek yoghurt if you want to avoid either dairy or eggs - using all yoghurt will require more seasoning
Optional 1/2 tsp caraway seeds (as pictured - my personal little touch to give it an extra dimension, adds an aniseed note) or celery seeds, if you want to be more American about things [4]

MethodPeel and half the onion quarter (removing the root / stalk). Add to bowl and chop Speed 10 / 4 seconds (MC on).

Scrape down, cut carrots cabbage and apple into large chunks (1-1.5 inches), and add to bowl with the lemon juice (this is to stop the apple browning as well as adding the acidic kick, so it's good to add it at this stage).

Put the lid and MC on, and chop Speed 4 / 5 seconds ONLY. It will look a bit like this (i.e. too big for coleslaw, but that's good, we need to scrape those big chunks off the sides to cut them up!).

Scrape down again, then chop for a further 2 seconds ONLY on Speed 4 again and you should end up with this (which is pretty much as good a chop as you will get for any coleslaw in a TM by my reckoning).

Time to add the other ingredients. Add in the dijon mustard, mayonnaise and Greek yoghurt (note, if you're weighing as you add, 15g is pretty much a heaped teaspoon for ease of use), and if you're using them, the caraway/celery seeds.

Mix on Reverse Spoon / Speed 4 / 5 seconds, and Robert is your Mother's brother. If you're using yoghurt, you will probably want to add some salt to taste. If not, it's up to you whether you use salt and/or freshly ground black pepper - personally, I enjoy coleslaw as a fresh-tasting side, and find the salt content in the mayonnaise sufficient, which is why I like to make it myself pretty close to serving food to get all the crunch and fresh flavour.

Having said that, this will keep quite happily in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.

Bear in mind that vegetables/fruit are mostly composed of water. The more you process this, the more juice you're going to knock out of the vegetables/fruit, as opposed to chopping it by hand. So don't worry if you find a little liquid at the bottom when you've made it - especially if you make without using full fat mayo, as there will be less/no oil to emulsify with the liquids. It will still taste great, just remember to give it a quick stir just before you serve.

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  1. Just fantastic! I loved this so much! Just one thing, it was rather difficult to make doubled so in the future I would probably make it in two batches.
    Great recipe!


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