Thursday, 15 May 2014

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...

But who doesn't like a chocolate cornflake cake?

Not those ones that are just solid bricks of cornflakes melded together with cheap melted chocolate (or 'vegelate' as some Europeans might prefer to call it, and quite rightly so!), but the stickier, softer, richer, darker versions with decent chocolate, butter, golden syrup and maybe a pinch of sea salt (or even pink himalayan salt) if you're so inclined.

If you're making them with or for children, you could use all milk chocolate, and/or put into miniature cases.

Makes approximately 10, at 174 calories each [calories in square brackets, if you're counting].
100g good dark chocolate (70% or so, I like Green and Black's) [575]
50g milk chocolate [273]
50g butter [369]
3 level 15ml tbsp (45g) golden syrup [146]
Optional pinch of fine salt
100g cornflakes [379]

8 to 10 paper cases (or make in mini-cases for little party treats)

You probably don't really need a method, but just in case, here it is... if you're making it with small helpers, they can break up the chocolate and weigh everything, then you melt it, then they stir in the cornflakes and put into the cases.

Melt everything but the cornflakes together in a large-ish pan on the hob, gently; or bowl in the microwave (not metal or plastic - do it for up to 30 seconds to start with, and stir, then another 15 seconds, stir, and possibly a further 10 to 15 seconds depending on your microwave).

Mix in the cornflakes, about two thirds to start with, and then the rest. Stir thoroughly until all the cornflakes are completely covered, then spoon into the paper cases, lick the spoon and bowl, and put into the fridge to set, for as long as you can resist...

Edit / Tip
And to use up lesser chocolate, try this:
100g dark chocolate
50g milk chocolate
20g cocoa powder
50g butter
65g golden syrup(essentially one big heaped spoonful!)
Optional pinch of fine salt
125g cornflake

Method as above. Add around 70g cornflake to the melted mix add first, and then the remainder in two halves. If you can't be bothered with paper cases, line a tray with greaseproof paper, tip in, and flatten down. When chilled, cut into portions and enjoy.

For Rice Crispie and Almond Cakes

To make 8-10, halve the ingredients for the normal recipe (exclude the cornflakes) and add 30g of toasted flaked almonds, and 50g of rice crispies.

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