Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Speedy Shredded Carrot, Cabbage and Caraway / Cumin Salad

A five minute side dish for something slightly different - almost a cross between a salad and a slaw...

Great with my quick Turkish griddled chicken breasts.

You can throw this together in minutes, and it will happily keep chilled for a few hours (or while your Turkish chicken marinates for a minute and you prepare the other side/s), as there's no lettuce in it to wilt

Serves two, generously - easily doubled and a great one to stick through the food processor if you're making in larger quantities and want to save time. 71 calories per serving.
If you enjoy this with the Turkish-marinated chicken breast, then why not push the boat out next time and go for the full on Turkish feast?

1/4 small white cabbage (200g after core cut out) [54]
1 large, or 2 small carrots (120g) [31]
1 tsp caraway, or toasted cumin seeds (your preference, or to taste) [7]
1 tbsp lemon juice [4]
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil (or oil to suit your diet) [45]
Salt to taste

Finely shred the cabbage (cut into quarters, then finely slice from tip to root end, or push through a food processor with the fine slicing attachment). Peel then coarsely grate the carrot (you could use the food processor for this too).

Mix together really thoroughly, and serve. You could add freshly chopped herbs to this as well, if you wanted, or other grated / shredded vegetables according to your preference.

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