Saturday, 24 December 2016

Festive Beard Oil Recipe

A subtly fragranced beard oil with a hint of Christmas scent from the frankincense.

This doesn't just have to be a Christmas gift, it's a great gift to give to your favourite bearded men any time - at other times you could switch the frankincense oil for a change (suggestions below).

Makes six 10ml bottles of beard oil, or four 15ml bottles of beard oil - you can easily halve the recipe if you like. Do not be tempted to increase the ratio of essential oils to carrier oils.

  • 30g Argan oil
  • 14g Sweet almond oil
  • 14g Jojoba oil
  • 14 drops lavender essential oil
  • 12 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 6 drops frankincense essential oil*
*You could substitute the frankincense oil for ylang ylang, lemongrass or cedarwood essential oil.

  • Amber glass bottles with droppers (six x 10ml or four x 15ml), small funnel, small jug to mix oils in.

1. Mix all the oils together thoroughly, then divide between the bottles using the funnel to pour the oil into the bottles.

2. Instructions for usage: Apply 2-4 drops to your palm, rub hands together, then smooth over beard and gently massage in. Best applied to freshly washed and dried beard.

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