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Luxury Sherry Trifle with Fresh Raspberries (with Thermomix instructions)

A traditional-based sherry trifle perfect for special occasions - you can leave out the sherry if you want the kids to have some too!

In our family, it has become traditional to make a sherry trifle over the festive period. I have given you the option whether you wish to make this trifle with or without  jelly - I like to make mine without, with plenty of fresh raspberries lightly crushed and crammed into the middle to counteract the sweetness of the sherry-soaked sponge and the custard.

Custard wise, if you own a Thermomix, I've put instructions for making your own custard at the bottom; if not a 500ml tub of good quality thick custard is perfect for the job (or of course, you could make up 500ml of instant custard if you prefer a more set texture).

This should serve around ten people, or a few more if the portions aren't too large!

  • 600g raspberries (fresh or frozen is fine, or a mixture - I like to use half and half for texture)
  • 1 plain madeira cake (approx 295g)
  • 500ml tub of quality fresh thick custard OR see below for making your own (Thermomix method)
  • 400ml double/heavy/whipping cream
  • Optional 50g icing sugar (to add to cream topping, or blitz golden caster sugar to powder for more flavour)
  • Optional 50ml sherry (to add to cream topping)
  • Optional toasted flaked almonds (around 30g) / grated chocolate / other edible decorations, to top

  • 130ml sherry, and
  • 100-200g good quality seedless raspberry jam
  • Raspberry jelly cubes/mix to make 1 pint jelly/jello (you can still use sherry if you want to make it alcoholic)

To make your own custard layer (Thermomix)
Or just use a 500g tub, as in ingredients above - or you could make up 500ml instant custard according to the packet instructions
  • 300g whole/full fat milk
  • 200g double/heavy cream
  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 50g sugar (I use golden caster)
  • 40g cornflour (cornstarch)
  • 1 vanilla pod / 1 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract
  • Small pinch of salt

If you are making your own custard (see below for Thermomix method - or if you want to make it conventionally, see here), then remember this needs to be set aside to cool before pouring onto the trifle. If you are making your trifle with jelly, then this will need to set before pouring over the cool custard, which will require a few hours, or overnight, in the fridge.

For a quick base, just cut the madeira cake into 3cm cubes and scatter into the base of your dish (or you can put the raspberries in the bottom if you prefer, but mix with jam and sherry first if using, as below; and scatter the sponge on top).

If you're using a raised glass trifle dish, and you will see the bottom of the trifle, then: (optionally trim off the brown edges of the cake if you like, first, which you can then use to fill gaps) cut the cake into three horizontally, spread each 'slice' with a thinn-ish layer of jam (around 100g between the three), fit back together jam side up, and then cut into 7-8 slices about 1.5cm thick and place in a single layer into the bottom of your bowl. 

It's easiest to go around the sides first, then cut the remainder of the slices to go into the gaps.

Sprinkle 100ml of sherry over the sponge, if using (or make up your jelly using 120ml sherry if making your trifle with jelly - follow packet instructions using 120ml less liquid, and add the sherry once cooled down a little).

If using jelly, scatter the raspberries over the sponge, make up the jelly as per the instructions, cool down a little and pour over the sponge and raspberries and cool then chill until set (a couple of hours, or overnight).

If not using jelly, give the 100g raspberry jam a good stir through with a fork to loosen it, then gently mix the jam and remaining 30ml sherry into the raspberries until they are combined thoroughly, with some lightly crushed. Tip the raspberry mix into the bowl on top of the sponge.

Pour your cooled custard on top of the raspberries, cover with clingfilm, and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.

Whisk the cream until only just starting to form soft peaks (it will set harder once on the trifle - it's best to do this by hand so you don't overbeat it into stiff peaks), then gently dollop spoonfuls around the edge of the custard going towards the middle, and then swirl them together, then scatter with your desired topping.

Thermomix custard method

Add all custard ingredients to the bowl, and cook for 6 minutes / 80C / Speed 4. Remove the bowl from the base, put a little sprinkle of sugar, and a layer of clingfilm directly on top of the custard to stop a skin forming, and set aside to cool down. Once cool, you can pour onto the trifle.

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